Best Youtube to MP3 and Youtube to MP4 Solutions (2019)

Updated April 2019

Each day, thousands of people are looking to convert videos from Youtube  to Mp4 or Mp3 format for watching or listening later. Youtube to Mp3 is for only the audio, Youtube to Mp4 is for the video (with audio.)
We're here to help you avoid the spam and get you to the best FREE converters that exist today in 2019.
Keep in mind that there are two options when it comes to converting Youtube vids: browser plugins and online converters.  You'll find the best of each below but keep in mind that while both allow you to download the media you want, the online converter websites usually take a couple more steps and may have some ads but the process is easy enough and worth it in my opinion.
While these are free services, they may have ads or a pay-for service that has more options but all of them will let you download at least HD 720p videos or high-quality MP3s. Youtube doesn't allow downloading the higher quality 1080p format anymore but there are some sites that …